When fibers can speak, it is loud, pink and pussy proud!

Back in December I knitted a pussyhat and send it away to the pussyhat head quarter for someone to wear when marching for women  rights this weekend the 21st of January 2017.

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What about a Naked dandy for Christmas!

It all started with something given to me by Qingfiber, a beautiful yarn with breath taking colours. I don’t know how many time I was just seating looking at the colours, their intricacy, their vibrancy. The yarn was calling to be knitted entirely! then I found this pretty pattern by Julieknitsinparis ,the Naked dandy and  I thought that would be the best canvas for the yarn !

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Vitamins in my dotted rays

When La Bien Aimé started a KAL in july to knit your dotted rays for life.  I jumped in ! I was not very healthy in the last 2 months so I chose colours that are comforting to me and  that have mood lifting power.


Supervising the boys while knitting.

Oranges, Pinks, Yellows… like a nice summery drink that you sip on the side of  the warm indian ocean with salt in your hair and coconut oil (SPF 50 :)) on your skin. I love it !

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Pink enchanted mesa

Enchanted mesa by Westknits has been on my ravelry knitting list for years and I recently finally finished it !! Because red is one of my favourite colour and that pink is a touch of red mixed with white, my enchanted mesa is a sweet pinkish redish goodness in fingering weight yarns .

I would like to apologize for the heavy use of filters in some of my pictures. Why have I done that? well I am blaming neon peach for unbalancing the other colours ;)



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Bits and bobs

Bits and bobs of colours with westknits, I know I am a westkniter at the moment. I Knit all wesknits. It is hard to not be inspired by his design really as they are original and they pop in colours. I really enjoy knitting bits and bobs for my 3 year old. I love going back to the rhythm of the brioche knitting. It is a great stash buster. The only problem if you call this a problem, is that because it uses different colours and bits of yarn you end up with al lot of free ends. The very very patient knitter would weave the ends in but the less patient one would use Wesknits trick.  Continue reading

The baby, the Westknits KAL 2015 and other beautiful yarn

First I wanted to let you know that I was working full time as a little human factory. Our little boy was born in February and he is now over 5 kg of curious little boy :)!.

So what happened in my little world of knitting:

– I took part of the FibreShare project: It was a very exciting little adventure; you get to meet new and talented people. When my fibre share parcel arrived it was full of prettiness and loveliness with little and big skein of yarn and colours and silk buttons. I sent my parcel and the joy of my partner when she received was so full of happiness that it made my day ! she was so happy that she sent me a little parcel to say thank you … oh you have no idea how surprised and double happy I was when I received a bright skein, her handmade sewing case and more importantly her lovely words… I had tears in my eyes as I did not have a good day that day. So FibreShare is a must do experience!

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Askews me by Westknits

In the last post you would have not have any idea on how big and crazy the shawl really is. I took some pictures of the finished object even though that day was horrible. Now the shawl is on its way to my lovely mum who I am pretty sure will wear it everyday of winter!

photo 2

Here is my lovely mum with master Knitter Stephen West ! once a year loisivethe organises three workshops with Westknits and according to my mum, they are very fun and you learn a lot! here she is knitting a necklace ! photo by @loisivethe (follow them and you will know all about yummy yarns, amazing workshops in Paris and tea of course :) )

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Askews me but brioche or not to brioche ?

After the words of Westknits, brioche is the stitch of 2015 ! I actually  believe that it is definitely the stitch of not only this year but also the ones to come. It has so many possibilities in terms of colour play and texture that you can not be put off by it but only be attracted to it! ok, to be fair it looks scary and like many new things it takes a bit of practice to get the hang to it :)

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Penguono by Westknits

Another great design by Monsieur West! The knitting of penguono is an adventure. you follow a well put together instruction and you create something truly unique. The colour play  is endless. You can make a mysterious penguono with some grey and black, a crazy bright one or a earthy one …. endless colour combinations that can suite any soul.


The top of the shoulders

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